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Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:05 am
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NAME Theodred "Theo" Sammeth
CANONDawn of the Old Gods (OC)
AGE 25ish
HOMEWORLD Earth, England (theoretically).
SPECIES Demi-god
HEIGHT round about 5'10"
BUILD Short but not stocky a little bit undeadish looking.
BEARINGLazy and confident
HAIR blond
EYES silver
Distinguishing Features

FACIAL Really pale.

ACCENT Upper class London

MISCELLANYFeels like the undead


Magical Abilities

Necromancy Theo is what's known as a 'blood necromancer' in that his ability to use necromancy is something he was born with as opposed to learned in school. He's one of the most powerful necromancers alive - if not the most powerful necromancer alive on his world - not including gods, of course.

This means that he's able to create and control the undead of various sorts. The undead he can create is anything from skeletons to vampires to liches though the higher types of undead are more difficult and take more time for him to create. It's also, of course, harder for him to control intelligent undead. Theoretically he could also create intelligent versions of normally unintelligent creatures like zombies. Though he's never actually had a reason to try before.

A side effect of this affinity for the undead is that he also "reads" as undead. Anything that can hurt the undead can hurt him and anything that can help the undead can help him. Which can be very unfun sometimes

He can also see in the dark. But his eyes are extremely light sensitive so he wears sunglasses almost all the time to prevent migraines. (Good way to quickly disable him! Knock the sunglasses off!)

Demi-Godness As a demi-god leaning more towards god than not, Theo is a lot harder to hurt than normal. He's able to take more damage - it's harder for him to break his bones, take damage from energy blasts, and use spells against him. Trying to change his shape wouldn't stick and trying to freeze him in time would just give him a headache. However if someone decided to slam him against the room with telekinesis that'd work just fine.

Another aspect of his demigodness is that of making promises and bargains. They've started to become magically binding for him. So, good luck getting him to make a promise or a bargain.

Demigods in his worlds often have cults attached to them and people can sacrifice things to them. This also works for Theo. In return for the sacrifice - which gives Theo a power boost - he's able to grant the person a power boost in return. Obviously this is something that he'd like to discuss before it happens.

Zombie Rats Jasper and Jake are a pair of zombie rats that Theo has created. They act fairly independently without Theo needing to command them and like your normal rats (which shows how powerful of a necromancer Theo is.) They even have their own personalities - Jasper is more friendly and Jake tends to hide. When he wants he can use them as spies, seeing through their eyes (or eye in Jasper's case) and hearing through their ears.

FLIRTING Yes (but he's married so don't expect anything back)
CONTACT Yes. (Though why you would want to touch him is beyond me.
FIGHTING Yes. Please discuss
INJURING Yes - but discuss first.
Necromancer Permissions

May Theo
Detect Undead
Try to control (with discussion)
Interesting things he might pick up

Comments are screened

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Oct. 17th, 2012 10:52 am
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Want to talk to Theo? Leave a message here.

Are you undead? Fantastic! What's okay for Theo to do to you? If anything.

What can Theo do with the undead, you may ask?

He's a necromancer. He can control and create undead, including vampires and liches. (If it's in the D&D monster manual he could probably make it.) Vampires created by him would be the first of their lines and have no sires. He can also sense any undead around and undead will detect him as an undead.

Obviously he can't flat out control other people's characters or influence them but if there's something you'd be okay with him doing, let me know here.

On general principle Theo won't try and control undead unless they attack him. It's rude to do otherwise.

Also, how's my Zombie Raising? (Cause driving's for wussies!) Anon enabled. If you want private you can Pm me.
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Player Information
Name: Kippur
Age: Please verify you are over the age of 18 Yup. Unfortunately
Contact: (Email/AIM/Plurk) kippurbirdy @ AIM, kippur @plurk
Characters already in Medietas: Rory McCallum, Weyland Falkner
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=493199#cmt493199

Character Basics
Character name: Theodred “Theo” Sammeth
Character Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”deadmanbusiness”]
Canon: (Are they canon aligned? If so, state that canon here.)
Age: 25
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/1116935/1233880

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Theo found the casino easily enough. The directions were clear and well, the name was an easy tip off. He found it an amusing idea that he'd be applying for a job a casino. His father would disapprove, but his father wasn't here and it was something different from his actual life back home.

Jasper on his shoulder (Jake in his pocket as usual)he knocks on the door before opening it. "Hello?" he calls out.
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Anna passed the folders around the team's meeting table. This time they were a dull gray with bite marks in on them. One of Veena's kittens must have found them and they were all teething. Everyone took it in stride. Gray folders were usually in regards to historical figures that tended to crop up from time to time in the modern age. They didn't come very often, but they did need looking in to.

A black kitten appeared on the table near Adrian's, Anna's brother, coffee cup and looked like it was about to make a mad dash for it, but the ritual mage with pale blond hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes, plucked the kitten off the table before it could do so and put it on the floor. Theo could hear a tiny and confused meeping noise that all the kittens made before it must have ambled or teleported off.

Trever looked apologetic. The red-head tended to look apologetic most of the time these days as the kittens did belong to his familiar. A litter of six kittens; five black and one gray and all of them could teleport like their mother. Kale, Trever's identical twin, rolled his eyes and shoved another kitten off his lap, dropping it into his brother's.

"Right Anna," Rhys said, stoically ignoring the kitten in his coffee cup, "What do we have?" The crusty and bald Welsh man who looked to be in his mid forties but was really two thousand years old, folded his hands together, not having opened up his file.

She tried to turn on the computer screen, but it didn't work. After flipping the switch a few times, she gave a sigh and opened up her file, pulling out a photograph. "This is Richard Markings, from Albany New York. He's recently made the claim that he is King Arthur reborn and that Excalibur, in the British museum is his, even though Merlin hasn't been around to proclaim him such. The department -"

Rhys cut her off. "Not him."

"I'm sorry?" She asked.

"He's not Arthur."

"How do you know?" Lan, the team psychic and intern asked. Rather small for his age, with large brown eyes and a Russian accent, he'd only been with the team for less than a year but fit in quite well. Rhys would most definitely keep him on when he graduated.

"I think, as Merlin, I would know."

A bit of quiet fell over the room, disrupted only by kittens mewing and chasing each other across the table and cabinets, knocking things over and leaving coffee stains over everything.

"You were Merlin?" Adrian said finally.

"Yes, I was Merlin."

Again silence from the humans. Theo absently plucked a kitten off his head and dropped it onto the floor.

"Somehow, that really doesn't surprise me," Kale said.
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Won't you poison my coffee with a loving hand,
And then bring me back to life to follow your command?

The Player
User Name/Nick: Kippur
User LJ: [livejournal.com profile] kippurbird
AIM/IM: Kippurbirdy
E-mail: Kippur@mad.scientist.com
Other Characters: n/a

The Character
Character Name: Theodred “Theo” Kaylin Sammeth
Character Journal: [livejournal.com profile] deadmanbusiness
Canon: Death God Rising (OC)
Age: 25
From When?: Theo has to figure out how to tell his teammates that he thinks the ritual murders that they’ve been investigating may be fueling a ritual that will re-empower his father’s godly powers and are being carried out by a brother he never met and thought was ‘dead’. Or at least as dead as a god can get.

Abilities/Powers: Theo is a highly powerful necromancer. In fact he should have been god of the undead, except that the current one is still around so he wasn’t able to take their place when he turned eighteen. This has left him in a state of godly limbo. He’s not really a god. He’s not really mortal. He’s not really a demi-god. Perhaps a tougher than average mortal would be the best way to explain him. His touch of divinity is shown through his silver eyes (though they’re not really a power persay). He can see in the dark like a normal person can see in the day. Back to his necromantic powers: with his blood he can raise a zombie or skeleton easily. With a bit more blood and effort he can raise someone recently dead as another type of undead. Not something he enjoys doing because well, it takes a lot of blood. He reads as undead to most people who can sense these things, and to others he’s just sort of got a creepy aura. He can command and rebuke unintelligent undead and intelligent undead will hesitate greatly before hurting or attacking him.
Non-divine abilities are that he’s an expert thief and pick-pocket. There are very few locks that he can’t pick or disable. He’s also good with slight of hand tricks. He’s gone through FBI training and is an expert marksman with several types of firearms. He’s also very good with knives. Finally, if you want to do a hostile takeover of a business, there’s very few people better than that.

Power Limitations: In the normal realm of things, Theo is highly sensitive to daylight. He has to wear sunglasses all the time during the day or in bright rooms. He also has a tendency to be nocturnal and has a mild caffeine addiction because of needing to be awake during the day when he his body says otherwise. I imagine he wouldn’t be able to raise greater undead or any undead at all, since that seems to be the purview of the forest and the fey that reside there.

Inventory Suit jacket, jeans, button down shirt, loafers, iPhone, folder of documents relating to the case, iPad, half eaten sandwich, coffee in mug, Swiss Army Knife, silver dagger blessed by his uncle the god of the moon, bracelet from his mother also blessed by his uncle, regulation pistol in holster, wallet, keys, change, engagement ring (for himself) and a black ink pen.


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First Person Sample: [5-10 Sentences]

There are some days I don’t think it’s worth getting out of bed. Especially when the bed contains the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known and especially when the reason why you’re getting out of bed is to sit in a meeting with a bunch of men while they walked around the subject you wanted to talk about, not wanting to commit to anything.

Yeah. Politicians suck.

Sometimes I wish they were vampires, because while they still sucked, I might be able to get them to do something. I don’t know how my father gets them to do it, but I’ve yet to figure out how.

Well, one more chance at it. Hopefully it’ll be short.

Likely it won’t.

Prose Sample: [3-5 paragraphs, 3rd Person POV]

"What do you think about Greenland?"

Theo looked up at his father from his desk. He was going over an acquisition contract for some company or another. He wasn't sure which, it was one of his father's subsidiaries that was acquiring it. "Not very green. I think it has good oil reserves." He pondered asking why his father was asking and decided against it.

His father got a thoughtful look on his face. "I wonder if I should sell it back to them."

His father owned Greenland.

Of course his father owned Greenland.

Why wouldn't he own Greenland?

Theo couldn't think of a reason. "I think their economy is a bit weak for that right now," he said.

"You're right." His father put down the old sheet of paper he was looking at and stuck it into a drawer.

With a shake of his head, Theo went back to his work.

Special Notes:

See world information: Here
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I'm starting to think dad needs a new hobby. He's taken to buying up all the movie rights to Ashley Carrey's movies, as opposed to just renting them, and has then sat through each and every one of them. Fortunately he hasn't made me watch them. Maya has watched a few with him, but then stopped as she didn't like him always criticizing Carrey's performances. He's even written and published a few scathing reviews of the newer ones. Of course that has gotten Maya nearly in tears, she doesn't want to hear bad things about her idol/crush.

She complained to uncle Ash, but honestly once dad has gotten his head in gear for something there really isn't anything you can do to stop him.

Teenage heartthrob he may be, Carrey is apparently quite the womanizing jerk in real life. He threw quite the fit when he didn't get nominated for an Academy Award for "Golem Love" where he played a golem who learned how to love - As the title suggests. Which set the fandom off as well. He's got quite the loyal following, I'll have to give him that. Fortunately, in my opinion, he didn't get nominated for the award despite the tantrum. Or maybe because of the tantrum.

His new movie is supposedly a serious period drama piece where he plays Ashton Clayton (heh, weird that their names are similar) the man who helped develop the town of Ashville in Ohio and saved it from being ravaged by Indians and their spirits.

I really hope Maya doesn't want me to go with her for that one.
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Not really sure why...

Answer these questions in a comment.

1. What's your name?
2. Are we close?
3. What do you honestly think of me?
4. Am I one of your best friends?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Would you hug me?
7. Describe me in 3 words.
8. If you had me for 30 minutes, what would you do?
9. What was your first impression of me?
10. Do you still think the same?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
14. What do you like best about me?
15. Have you ever wanted to tell me something you couldn't?
16. Could you ever love me?
17. Give me a nickname and explain why.
18. Are you gonna put this in your journal and see what I say about you?
19. Anything to say before you go?


Apr. 9th, 2010 09:34 am
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I was thinking about my eighteenth birthday just the other day. I think it was because Alec just turned eighteen. Rhys got a hold of his birth certificate which indicated that yes, he wasn't twenty one like he said he was. We threw him a nice birthday party, which I think is the first one he's had in a long while. I know that he probably would have never thought that he'd get a car for his birthday. That was Enne's idea. I got him a practical car, Saturn hybrid, instead of a sports car. I'm not going to spend a ton of money on the kid. Adrian got him an empty spell book so he could start writing in his own spells.

That, I think was his favorite present. He really is attached to Adrian.

Veena gave him a dead mouse in his shoe. Cats.

Anyway, birthday ruminations. My own eighteenth birthday I could have died. My people, the children of the gods, take a test on their eighteenth birthday to see if they can become a god. They don't have to take the test. If they don't, they stay mortal. If they do, they could die. My father had seven siblings. All of them took the test. Only he and my uncle Ash survived. Needless to say there was a lot of pressure.

I took the test. I survived the test. I didn't become a god. The god of the undead is still around and there can't be two of them. Which means that I have a brother who is still alive and hasn't passed on into the beyond.

Father won't talk about it. Uncle Ash won't talk about it. I don't even know his name, how old he is, nothing. Just that he exists. I've lived my entire life as an only child. The idea of having a sibling fascinates me. I see Enne with Adrian and Anna and then the twins, Kale and Trever, how close they are. There are things they have, experiences they share, that even though they're all different from each other they have a bond of something.

It's like a secret society that I can never belong to. Mentions of things that aren't supposed to be brought up. Just things.

I'm jealous, I guess. And then, to have a brother with no way of finding him... makes it just worse.
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"What do you think about Greenland?"

Theo looked up at his father from his desk. He was going over an acquisition contract for some company or another. He wasn't sure which, it was one of his father's subsidiaries that was acquiring it. "Not very green. I think it has good oil reserves." He pondered asking why his father was asking and decided against it.

His father got a thoughtful look on his face. "I wonder if I should sell it back to them."

His father owned Greenland.

Of course his father owned Greenland.

Why wouldn't he own Greenland?

Theo couldn't think of a reason. "I think their economy is a bit weak for that right now," he said.

"You're right." His father put down the old sheet of paper he was looking at and stuck it into a drawer.

With a shake of his head, Theo went back to his work.


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