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Name:Theodred "Theo" Kaylin Sammeth
Birthdate:Jun 25
Theodred "Theo" Sammeth is the son of an ancient god of death who currently goes by Melkor Sammeth ([personal profile] deadandvoid. Melkor is possibly the richest individual in the world known to own a multinational business empire and several countries. Having been around for at six thousand years allows for a lot of long term planning on his father's part. Theo, himself, is a blood necromancer (someone who was born a necromancer as opposed to learning it from the textbook) and likely the strongest one alive and undead.

Unfortunately this causes a bit of a problem for him. The biggest of them is that he pings as "undead" to anything that can detect undead, and that includes holy objects and holy grounds as well as to other undead who are trying to sense what's alive and what's not in the area. Needless to say walking on holy ground can hurt like a bitch and a half. Theo's also exceptionally sensitive to light and needs to wear sunglasses nearly all the time least he hurt his eyes. However he does have dark vision. His eyes, when you can see them, are the silver of the full moon. (He got that from his uncle, the moon god of his pantheon).

And yes, he is named after the Lord of the Rings character.

The world that Theo comes from is one that is full of everyday magic. You can read more about it here: World information

Theo is part of the "Dawn of the Old Gods" Universe that I created. Other characters in it include Melkor Sammeth [profile] deathandvoid, Kale Daly [personal profile] engineermage, Trever Daly [personal profile] reincarnshaman, Ashley Carrey (Ashkari) [personal profile] undeadgodandstar Eric Teague [personal profile] nottheritestuff, Rory McCallum [personal profile] crowschild and Ceilidh McCallum [personal profile] princessstabbity
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